TWILIGHT SEMINARS                                   4.00 – 6.00pm THURSDAYS  X  4

The third series of Twilight Seminars on Gifted Education is being provided to enable individual and small groups of teachers with interests in this area to access information and make connections with colleagues with similar interests.

Thursday, 8th August           Understanding Giftedness + Talent Development + Identification

Thursday, 15th August      Interventions for Gifted, incl: Curriculum Differentiation + Acceleration

Thursday, 29th August       Developing Emotional Wellbeing + Understanding Students’ Social Needs

Thursday, 5th Sept.    Underachievement, incl: Relative Underachievement + Twice-exceptional

Cost:      $320 for 4 seminars (a saving of $80)       or     $100 for individual seminars

Venue: Milton Business Centre, 345 Coronation Drive, Milton;  parking available onsite and on road.

Register to attend: