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Make a Twist is a wonderful, totally practical way to put the principles in the Maker model into action in a classroom. The authors’ in-depth understanding of these principles is demonstrated through their ideas for implementing all the content, process, product, and learning environment modifications in my books. This resource can be used by teachers to engage gifted children, raise students’ self-awareness, encourage autonomy in learning, and differentiate the curriculum to provide greater challenges for gifted learners.

The book is designed to help teachers build an understanding of a student’s skills, strengths, interests, and learning needs. It provides a record of any adjustments made, informing subsequent teachers and school administrators about the range of strategies that have been put in place to differentiate for a gifted student. Communication between parents and teachers is facilitated through use of this resource, enabling parents to be involved in their gifted child’s education and providing insight into the differentiation that is taking place for their child. Learning takes place in ways that are appropriate for gifted students and tailored to the interests of individual children. Make a Twist does all this in the most innovative and user-friendly format I’ve ever seen in a book.

Michele and Rosanne have drawn on their experiences working with gifted students to provide great examples of relevant, content- rich, interest-based learning activities, creatively applied to ‘twist’ current curriculum and class topics to make these suitable for gifted students. I believe Make a Twist can be used in any classroom, at any level and in any country and will make a great contribution to teaching and learning all over the world!

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