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  • Q. Why might a developmentally advanced, gifted child need counselling?

    Cognitive complexity gives rise to emotional depths. Thus gifted children not only think differently from their peers; they also feel differently.”  ~Linda Silverman

    When gifted children, their parents or teachers experience difficulties, a Counsellor with a unique combination of specialised training, expertise and experience in gifted education and counselling is needed to meet the specific intrapersonal, interpersonal and academic needs.

    …giftedness brings with it an array of intrapersonal and interpersonal issues that are unique to their “giftedness.”

  • Q. What benefit will I get from meeting with Michele?

    A current client recently commented: "Thank you so much for yesterday, you have opened up a whole new world for our family."

  • Q. What can I expect from a Clearing Skies Workshop?

    Attendees at a recent workshop offered the following feedback:

    "Thanks so much for such a great and informative day yesterday. I learnt a lot and I feel like I now have the knowledge I need to put some plans in place to better support my children."

    "Many thanks Lindy and Michele for a wonderfully informative session."

    "Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with all of us who attended the workshop yesterday. We were provided with an enormous amount of information and I now feel better equip to understand, appreciate and support my children as they make their way through school and on to further study."

    Many thanks to a parent for sharing her notes on our recent workshop: Make a Twist

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